This definitely has the be the most productive activity I’ve done for Amal academy.

When I started doing this activity I was sitting in my bedroom, My room is the smallest in the house so its always messy.

The object I identified which needed to be fixed was my bed since its the most messy.

This needs to be fixed because my bed is basically my working space, as well as where I study and obviously where I sleep, this has been messy for a long time and needs adjustment.

I fixed my bed by sorting all my clothes and putting them in the closet.

I put my bag in the closet and put the tissue papers in trash can.

After that I put my laptop and charger on the table and my notebook and pens in their respective places.

I feel great, I feel as if my life is sorted by sorting my room, as i said in the beginning that my room is really small and I have a lot of stuff but now that everything is in its correct place i feel a lot better and realise i have a lot of space.

I would have done this at some point even If Amal academy hadn’t asked, however, I would have done it after a few days or so because I have a lot of workload I had been procrastinating sorting my room.

I think this activity related to leadership without authority because I didn’t have a person commanding me to do so, I did it because it was my responsibility and had to be done by me, it’s a task of everyday leadership because even tho it’s something small I was my leader and I motivated myself to do it.

I’m so glad I did this!